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With regard to the work announced by NPR, genetics researchers from Yale, Columbia and Louisiana State Universities noted that: Much of the discussion of this finding (of a purported gene locus for homosexuality) has focused on its social and political ramifications.
Archives of General Psychiatry.
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The same is true for homosexuality, except (a) bauer sucht frau atv 7 1 the more important, intermediate traits with which it is associated are mostly unknown and unsuspected ones are harder to confirm, and (b) the research agenda is being distorted by the political requirement that no such associated traits.
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In fact, there is not, and the research being promoted as proving that there is provides no supporting evidence.
They need not have the foggiest understanding of what "biological" or "genetic" really mean in order change their view: 105 volunteers were exposed to one of three The experimental group read a summary emphasizing a biological component of homosexual orientation One control group read.
This is so only in part because of an easily led or poorly educated press.You find a couple of families of BBPs and compare them to some families of non-BBPs.A good researcher would not be at all tempted to conclude from the studies we described that BBP itself was inherited.So doesn't that mean that homosexuality is "innate"?(T)he data present no consistent support for the results.The discussion that followed explained for the listening public the implications of these findings for social attitudes toward homosexuality and for public policy concerning.

Among the many crucial issues raised by the legislation was the question as to whether homosexuality was indeed normal, innate and unchangeable.
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