One part to the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy.
Raymond and Edith Williamson Fund Name and purpose.
Any thesis deemed to have reached Distinction standard shall be eligible for consideration for the Prize.In every year there shall be a meeting of the Electors for the purpose of making elections.The first charge on the Fund shall be the cost of maintaining a Directorship of Industrial Liaison.Any candidate for the.A.The Managers shall determine the tenure of each Fellowship and may extend such tenure for one or university of essex Ruder club more years provided that the maximum period of tenure shall be five years.Any unexpended income in polnische frau sucht mann heiraten a financial year may be either added to the capital of the fund or accumulated for use as income in a future year, at the discretion of the Managers.Exhibitions or Prizes may from time to time be awarded by the Managers to any person in respect of an essay, discovery, or meritorious service connected with or conducing to the science of Pathology.ASH avenue comics books, tempe.The annual income of the Fund shall be applied for the encouragement of travel to the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations for the promotion of study or research and for the maintenance of good relations between them.A Student shall be eligible for re-election on not more than two occasions.After provision has been made, in accordance with the foregoing regulations, for at least one Montague Burton Studentship the balance of the annual income and any unexpended income accumulated in the Fund shall be available to the Faculty Board of Economics to be used for.

Competition for any University Studentship, Scholarship, Exhibition, Prize, Medal, or other such award shall be restricted to candidates who are actual members of the University unless there is clear evidence of a contrary intention in the regulations or document governing the award.
Johns for the purpose of maintaining a postgraduate studentship in Assyriology shall form a fund called the. .
The Examiners shall report to the Faculty Board of Biology whether any essay has been sent in and what, if any, award has been made.
The capital and the income of the Fund may be applied at the discretion of the Managers for the promotion and encouragement of Persian Studies in the University, by such means as the Managers shall think fit.Four-fifths of the income of the Fund shall be made available to the Faculty of Classics and shall be used in the first instance for the following purposes: ( a )to provide one-half of the cost of the stipends, national insurance, and pension contributions.Stearn and Mr Patrick Brenan as Executors of Norman Douglas Simpson,.A., of Trinity College, shall form a fund called the Norman Douglas Simpson Memorial Fund.Stephen Hawking Studentships Electors.Two-thirds of that sum shall be invested as a purchase fund, the income of which shall be available for the purchase of works of art for the Fitzwilliam Museum, and one-third shall form a general fund the capital or income of which shall be available.The income of the Fund shall be used, at the discretion of the Kettle's Yard Committee, for the promotion of concerts given by young musicians at Kettle's Yard.The Kaye Fund shall be used to provide a prize to be awarded every fourth year for a dissertation in English on some subject or question relating to ecclesiastical history up to the death of Gregory the Great, or Biblical studies which aid enquiry relating.The Prize shall be awarded for the best report embodying research carried out in the University on the theory or practice of the physics or engineering of any aspect of communication, propagation, or signal processing, associated with electromagnetic radiation or wave propagation.Graeme Minto Prize for Management Studies Fund and purpose.