same sex marriage by date

221 The official notification was done on 222 On 15 January, a same-sex couple applied for a marriage certificate.
But conservative firebrands, including Louisiana Gov.
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Told the justices at the oral arguments earlier this year.372 Chile edit Main article: Recognition of same-sex unions in Chile Michelle Bachelet, the President of Chile, who was elected to a second term in March 2014, has promised to work for the implementation of same-sex marriage and has a majority in both houses.The attitude of the Chinese Government towards homosexuality is believed to be "three nos "No approval; no disapproval; no promotion." The Ministry of Health officially removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses in 2001.Whilst the Scottish Government was in favour of same-sex marriage, it stated that no religious body would be forced to hold such ceremonies once legislation is enacted.

Retrieved "Supreme court rules gay weddings valid in all Mexico".
"The Effects of Marriage, Civil Union, best friend Armbänder lustig and Domestic Partnership Laws on the Health and Well-being of Children".
Gender-neutral marriage replaced Norway's previous system of registered partnerships for same-sex couples.
"Study Links Gay Marriage Bans to Rise in HIV infections".231 The law required ratification in the Danish Parliament, which provided it on 232 The Faroese law allows civil marriages for same-sex couples and exempts the Church of the Faroe Islands from being required to officiate same-sex weddings.Acapulco, Mexico: El Sur.The Government will move to revive debate on Wednesday on a bill for a compulsory plebiscite this week, but the Senate is again expected to block.The legislation was passed unanimously by the Icelandic Althing on, and took effect on, replacing an earlier system of registered partnerships for same-sex couples.Archived from the original (PDF) on November 13, 2017.157 On, Mexico's Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation released a "jurisprudential thesis" declaring the current purpose of marriage, which is procreation, as unconstitutional and discriminatory towards same-sex relationships.339 On 4 February 2014, the Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly passed legislation legalising same-sex marriage.Retrieved "lgbt Adoption Statistics".

"Gay Couple Married In Oklahoma: Jason Pickel, Darren Black Bear Tie The Knot Despite State Ban".