Berlin, Haude und Spener ; 1811,.
To this error, involving a difference of a whole month, he adheres to the first date sex normal end, so that according to him the voyagers returned to Batavia on May 15, 1643, instead of June.
Extract from the "Copia Criminal Calendar of the Worshipful Council of Justice of the Castle of Batavia" Dec.Perhaps also the forces at his disposal may have overawed the enemy.West to South." If we compare this part of the Journal with the chart reproduced here, and the note given on it, it would seem that Quast and Tasman took the High Gull's Island, Engel's and Graft's Island to be the same islands.Hainan being passed, it would be best to follow the example of the Portuguese "by standing off to sea, lest being overtaken by storms, the ships should be thrown on a lee-shore, seeing that the typhoons tuffons usually come up with winds veering from north.Die dritte Singleauskopplung Just Give Me a Reason mit Nate Ruess erschien.The first and foremost demand of the Chinese authorities was, that the Dutch should quit "Pehou within the jurisdiction of China".At noon Latitude estimated 12 10 Longitude 192 57 course held north, sailed 14 miles; during the night we sailed northward close to the wind.Page: Jnl.54 of the land at the west side of the bay aforesaid; this western point lay west of us at about 7 miles distance.Towards the evening the wind went round to north-east and north-east by east, stiffening more and more, so that at the end of the first watch we had to take in our topsails.

Our ships at anchor in the road-stead; to this road-stead we have given the name of Van Diemen's Reede, in honour of the Hon.
Lxxix, has 19, which is a mistake.-I need hardly say, that the latitudes I give in the test, are taken from the journals and the other documents, exactly as they stand there.
This agrees with Valentijn, where 6 F and 7 G occur on one page 3, and the words "Samen half blad met" are in Valentijn's own handwriting.As regards the making of Formosa itself, the commanders were referred to a separate "letter of directions and signals also dated June 13, drawn up pursuant to the advices and opinions delivered by Tasman and Vries, when they were staying in Formosa 6, especially with.Having hailed the friends of the Zeehaan we called out to them whether, seeing that in this fog and darkness it is hardly possible to survey known shores, let alone to discover unknown land, it would not be best and most advisable to shape our.In Valentijn the man who is standing up in the boat is pointing to the ships; on the drawing of the fragment, and on the one found in our copy, the same man is pointing his finger exactly in the opposite direction.2476 but this I have not seen.