Overall its good, but its also clear that theres no way to get to the teaser picture since the girls pretty much dating sites zu vergleichen, Belgien hate each other no matter what choice you make.
Love it gary1179 2016.02.13 The game was alright I like other games better lilika2000 2016.02.12 not my type of genre but i enjoyed.
Raaaaa smash Numenorean 2016.06.19 Great demo version of the game, played the full game on the newgrounds website, best bloody hentai game OUT there TO date!
So I would rate this like 4/10 Blitzkriegbob 2016.01.01 seems to be uncompleted, but a nice game so far.
The turns done with the decisions are so distant, that the outcome dating apps für nur sex of them is hardly visible.Way to much dialogue wldsxwizzard69 2016.05.22 ok game but wouldnt play much MikeyH74 2016.05.20 Cant say I enjoyed this game.Seems a bit like an ad for a Patreon.Shyman.12.30 Lots of dialog.Hope next chapter is as good as this one.RodHardStaff 2016.02.06 Love anime style games like this.CyrJ 2016.01.05 I earnestly tried to get into this game, but Im sorry.Jacky09 2017.01.13 beautiful girls and good story vssuarez10 2017.01.06 Excellent game, one of the best Ive played here D3vcha0S 2017.01.03 this game is interesting it caught my eye Madno 2016.12.30 great game, cool graphics and very nice storyline.Good game though, really enjoyed this glimpse.

Wellhung93 2016.12.04 Not a bad game love the graphics r3v.12 2016.11.22 great game its really fun made my night with my sister and bro rango34 2016.11.10 Too much text but the story felt pretty cool, I cant wait until chapter 2 comes out.
Brian110 2016.01.07 Its a good game, I like.
Invite to the hanami Rape: Help her sexuelle dating in Singapur undress Snap a photo Lift her leg and have a look Hmmmmm Its not rape.Its a bit hard Borneheld 2016.02.08 The full game has been released for a while on an an another popular games website.Too much clicking through irrelevant text.Sex with Hana: Ask for help Navel-Gaze Get this over with Walk up and say hi Wait Go brush your teeth Hi Hana Ask her what she thinks Go for it Order Eggplant Pasta Tell her you like it Ask what her favorite part.Could be fun once complete, but a lot of story for this portion.Oranjeboven 2016.01.30 1 Million clicks, nothing really happens.I really like this game!