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Regufe fulfils the role of Ronaldo's personal manager and spends a lot of time with his family.Responsible drinking, fingers crossed for Two Fingers Brewing Company, which is hoping to win a share of the 1 million prize in Chivas Regals competition to find social entrepreneurs.In 2010, Bartle Bogle Hegartys executive creative director, Nick Gill, also posed with a duck for a piece he wrote about how creativity should be random and surprising.Cristiano Ronaldo embraces Ricky Regufe after Portugal's victory over Wales at Euro 2016.Ducks in a row: Gill and Wall.The pair often post pictures of themselves in the gym but Regufe remains quite private The duo have been given the single moniker 'Cricky' by Ronaldo's adoring fans.Regufe enjoys a meal with Cristiano Junior and Ronaldo - a picture shared on Instagram.Let us return to the reactor core.The more eagle-eyed readers among you might have experienced a sense of déjà vu when looking at Mothers new global chief executive, Michael Wall, posing with a duck in last weeks issue.The 37-year-old also accompanied Ronaldo for a recent perfume launch.WHO IS ricky regufe?Regufe, six years Ronaldo's senior, grew up in Porto and was a keen footballer but hung up his boots at the age of 21 to pursue a career in sports marketing.

You might not know his name but you've almost certainly seen his face - via the vast expanses of social media, in wide-angled camera shots of the Ronaldo entourage or post-match celebrations.
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In the past four months alone Regufe has accompanied his friend as he collected the European MVP Award in Monaco, visited UFC star Conor McGregor in Las Vegas and jetted off to Morocco with his girlfriend - fashion blogger Claudia Dinis - for company.Refuge (centre) is often pictured on the Real Madrid players' social media pages.Some relief comes at T20 or so, as the negative temperature coefficient and the negative void coefficient slows ich suche ein deutsche frau the rate of temperature increase.Here's the general article on the reactor type: the last paragraph of the safety systems article starts with "It must be noted that no incident even approaching the DBA Design Basis Accident or even a lbloca large break loss of coolant accident in severity has.If I was your best friend.Ronaldo may owe him plenty but Regufe is said to be modest about his influence on the three-time Ballon d'Or winner, instead preferring to focus on the Galactico's dedication to his profession.

One is the former footballer turned marketing executive who's become right-hand man to one of the world's most iconic sportsmen; the other a global megastar with almost every major honour to his name, an adoring following of millions and a museum dedicated to him.
The two men, pictured playing poker, have known each other for the past 13 years.